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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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greek coalition government leaders failed to agree to a package of spending cuts dealing a blow to the country's prime minister who says the measures are crucial to restoring greek credibility. america sends its largest business delegation ever to egypt with skeptics claiming it's a move to cash in on the aftermath of the country's revolution. russia turns eastward at the asia pacific summit economic and political ties with china are growing stronger which some say could unnerve the u.s. as well as for influence in the region. plus almost a dead heat between republicans and democrats in the race for the white house with both candidates looking to set up our platforms critics call remarkably similar.
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six am in moscow bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news here on r t we started in greece where the leaders of the country's three party coalition government failed to agree to a package of spending cuts that the prime minister says are crucial to restoring financial credibility they're asking international creditors to give them more time to implement austerity measures with more talks set for wednesday the latest cuts are especially painful to the country's most of vulnerable including pensioners low income workers and dependents saturday greece's second largest city thessalonica he was rocked by protests with some fifteen thousand demonstrators taking a stand against the measure party's peter all over reports. minister antonis samaras has said that he will do everything within his policy make sure the greece remains within the euro zone but every day acknowledge that the cuts that he's
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governing to making will both on thing painful for the greek people but as unfair and painful as they are he says that they necessary eyes without being in the eurozone greece would die as. the nation also says there important is in terms of the country men taining any credibility that it has left on the global financial stage and not credibility is said city tested quite soon is old it is from the so-called troika arrive in greece to see whether they've fulfilled their part of the bargain when it comes to making the cuts that they were asked to do on whether they receive the next round of bailout money a massive thirty one billion euros worth of assistance whether those cuts are necessary they're certainly not popular here in thessaloniki we've seen thousands of people out on the streets of greece's second city demonstrating against the way that the current governments are handling the financial crisis and when the anger
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and the way the government is dealing with the crisis is by when they're doing is wrong it's not just in terms of protest the greek people are airing their grievances with the current government if you look at the latest political polls we're seeing that some are ases government lies in second place behind a a opposition party that's anti bailout money was perhaps more worrying though is if you see that in place is the ultra rightist party golden dawn party that has a far right agenda some of called neo nazi unfun they certainly have a seemingly growing popularity here in greece which is concerning many people many people have seen out in the streets here in festival nikki protesting what they call the fascist organization i have to say this demonstration thessaloniki far more peaceful and some we've seen in the past in greece that people are upset they're airing their views but they're certainly not of the violence a that we've seen in in cities like athens as people demonstrate against the
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handling of the financial crisis it's not only in greece where cuts are being met with a wall of public protest in portugal government slashes to social safety nets have a. an act of war against the working class nearby in spain german chancellor angela merkel's visit sparked street protests with demonstrators demanding an end to berlin interfering in the drugs affairs thanks to the daunting financial storm clouds over the euro zone with a bloc central bank forced to roll out the artillery b.c.b. says it will now start buying up the euro nations' debts to stabilize their borrowing costs financial adviser marco peter pollie things that may not be the best solution. they refuse to deal with the issues it's it's very simple that you want to foot fiscal integration which means that the germans to sign for everybody else's debts and you get your. share of liability for the debts and five of his colleagues should be split of the year.
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in the meantime what you can do is keep printing money which is was what he's hoping for he's used to drive to keep preaching to. the situation until the politics. catch up with the politics. lots and lots of meetings with close to. see the solution to the eurozone. some of america's biggest corporations have headed to egypt hoping to renew trade ties in the wake of the country's uprising google coca-cola and lockheed martin among the biggest u.s. trade delegation ever to travel to the arab world for more on what this means for their country and some perspective i'm joined by ramsey bird editor of the palestine chronicle dot com so what do you think what could this business delegation change in the lives of ordinary egyptians way i actually see and you think about it this well if we are familiar with the history of the i.m.f.
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not just in egypt but elsewhere in the middle east at large and the rest of the world we know that i'm sorry. i mixed up a bit here. u.s. economic policy in egypt and the middle east will find that it is largely a political. trip to egypt it is not worth it to the are making it sound what's gotten all about well what is so political is the fact that it is organized by the u.s. government although they are insisting the political aspect is a minor aspect and this is indeed about trying to forge ties economic ties and invest and take advantage of egypt's riches and they are treating egypt as just a business partner but in reality we know that this is not the case if we remember that in february two thousand and eleven just days after the success of the egyptian revolution in toppling hosni mubarak we saw david cameron leading
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a whole group of companies mostly military companies going to egypt to make deals so they're always going to see egypt as a potential. market to exploit it economically but also politically. this move is not far removed from the i.m.f. negotiations with egypt so what egypt is trying to get about four point eight billion dollars is not far removed from what the qatar is and the saudis and the turks frankly have been doing which is offering all these supposedly free money to egypt billions of dollars worth of investments billions of dollars that are actually going to pay the salaries of ordinary egyptians all of this is tying the hands of the egyptian government even surely morsi and his government no matter how well intended he is he's going to find himself in a situation where it's going to become extremely difficult to escape all these strings that are controlling him and controlling his policies and controlling his
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government don't you think do you think though that this is egypt is the arab world's most populous country doesn't it make sense that post revolution with a new government in place a new president in place. that countries may find it prudent to try and reestablish trade ties and reestablish business opportunities and bring not only products but also jobs to this country that's correct but but we also expect that opposed to pollution government in egypt would have to be somewhat delusionary let's take on the economy forty four percent of egyptians teeter between extreme poverty and near poverty near poverty meaning that they can barely survive in a situation like this you need to be focusing on developments you need to be looking at the basic infrastructure of the country that is falling apart as opposed to follow the exact same economic model that was used by hosni mubarak for thirty
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years and has inherited egypt all sorts of foreign policy allegiances to other countries compromise on the sovereignty on the independence independence of the country economically and politically more see again perhaps might be will intended but in reality it is failing to strike that sort of balance where he is going to approach not just the united states not just the i.m.f. not just the qatar is and the saudis but to reach out to a variety of investors and every actively konami models that will finally free egypt from that bond that have lasted for decades under mubarak and also under other words said that during the seventy's briefly if your character running out of time lockheed martin is one of the come companies that's going into egypt here it is a defense contractor do you think that could be a sign that the u.s. is looking to increase arms sales in the region of course there's no question about it and as i mentioned earlier the british government has done the same thing it might not work with the. level of success with the new egypt because right now with
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there is a conflict that is going on between the military and the government and that conflict is yet to be settled so we don't truly understand as of yet how that sort of defense leverage or military leverage is going to benefit the united states in the long run without resolving the existing conflict within egypt itself. all right iran is your bridge or of the palestine chronicle dot com thanks for your time. the world shifted east this week as heavyweight asia pacific nations gathered to decide how to prop up global growth the cool and damp weather in russia's far east didn't chill the warmth between russia and china whose friendship is being seen as a strong asset to economic recovery or tease dmitri medvedev go reports from a lot of us talk. one logical person was rounding out the results of the two thousand and twelve form which russia posted for the first time he basically again praised the fact that apec is extremely important as a region and as an organization it accounts for around fifty percent of the global
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economic output and global trade and therefore the shift is happening globally towards this region and russia is no exception and that in a fiction as set the china plays an extremely important role as a driver of global economic growth actually in an exclusive interview that the president gave prior to this war and that it was and also still stated the importance of russian chinese relations showing there is indeed becoming a global economic and political hub china has taken up this new leading role you know tony in russia's eyes but also in the always of the whole world nor what makes this rather special however is that russia and china are neighbors and all special relations took thousands of years to evolve to where they are. over the coming years we are bound to achieve a one hundred billion dollar turnover rate well that exclusive interview is of course available on our t.v. you tube channel you can catch it there but also what was i think more important
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was the q. and a session which followed that round up of the four of and letting the person had a chance to comment on this state of russian and european relations of course the eurozone is now in a crisis and therefore that in a person was lost as to what is happening between russia and europe is there a trade war he answered that there's the situation is far from a cold trade war and the fact that your commission is now right now looking into gas problems a so-called own monopoly position on the eastern european markets is based on the economic problems in the region and that basically europe now wants to transfer some of this economic burden onto russia and a rather peculiar and taunting i would say question that let. and was asked to comment on his recent stop that he made prior to the apec summit and that was your model in russia siberia to teach a flock of cranes to fly south he was using a hang glider and the journalist said that basically it's created
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a whole wave of internet jokes and a comparison also was made to russia's electoral race that only sixty three percent of the krays decided to pull the curtain and the other decided to go somewhere else and this is what he had to say a new future not all the creams fallujah mediately only the week. of of it i must admit it's also the leaders phone the pilots phone the not all the koreans for luigi actually if you fly is too fast and too high he can't keep up there are also birds who don't fly in a flock even if they aren't part of the flock they're part of our population and they should be taken care of as much as possible. and i was listening to that q. and a at the international press center here and the answer was followed by a standing ovation. not just economic interest russia and china have in common they also have an agreement on international disputes to the chagrin of the u.s.
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according to financial consultant consultant. the time between putin and hu jintao have been extremely strong and this has frankly been at the expense of relations with the u.s. and not overtly obviously but when it comes to issues like syria and iran there is a great deal of coordination between the two sides on those political issues then you know these things spill over into the economic side as well of course you know and we're starting to talk about how both countries handle the oil embargo that the u.s. has been sort of pushing on iran you know russia as a producer and china as a consumer they both you know the fact that they're harmonizing this really sort of helps to. counteract u.s. and u.s. influence and the ability to which the u.s. can exert its influence on its european allies in asia and japan specifically so
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we're seeing a lot of that. turning to syria powerful explosion has rocked the country's largest city aleppo a car bomb near two hospitals and a sports stadium killed at least seventeen civilians and injured forty more a city has been plagued by violence a massive battle between rebels and government forces has been going on for days on saturday troops loyal to president assad turned back an attack on a major military base this while the un syria peace envoy lakhdar brahimi is in egypt trying to make warring parties sit down to a cease fire off a member of the syrian social club ex-pat group says there's been a pattern of rising violence ahead of any diplomatic meetings that are aimed at finding a peaceful solutions. to whatever the security council met on syria there was an atrocity before that i think the most infamous one was supposed massacre on the fourth of february when we remember russia and china use a double veto against the resolution in the security council condemning syria and
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this trend has continued in a sense we've seen a. massacre taking place when kofi annan was about to meet prison the us of the next day and so on and so forth the western powers have for a long time seen this conflict as the same model with the same you know if you point it just like they did with three decades ago the western powers have given these do you have these these extremist the opportunity to win a certain war they've held them to them they funded them they gave them weapons and they won a war they didn't think that this was because of the cia and m i six funding and backup but actually because they felt god actually gave them this victory and this has ruled a lot of trouble and alienated large segments of the societies of the muslim societies in the western countries french surgeon who has just returned from syria where he attended to rebels at a hospital in the besieged city of aleppo so at least half the opposition forces he treated were foreign jihadists bear co-founder of the medical charity group doctors
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. without borders says foreign nationals are actively involved in the conflict there admits some are of french origin and says they were inspired by mohamed merah self-styled militant who killed seven in the french city of toulouse in march and as artie's laura smith reports there could be fighters with u.k. passports also on the rebel side. to most britons going about their everyday lives the war in syria seems worlds away but for a few it's a struggle they feel personally involved in as the u.k. government portrays president assad as an evil dictator there's evidence that britain's all going to syria to fight for the opposition birmingham area m.p. khalid mahmood says some in his community have already gone there is a particular individual who's actually now gone back to baghdad at the moment and is going back in a few weeks time who's been engaged in fundraising supporting people and putting
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people together to go back to get people who say they're just going over for an aid work and others are blatantly at ryde saying that they're going to support the resistance some says mahmood of british syrian extraction others of british muslims who feel their faith makes this their struggle but whatever their reasons for going the fear is what they'll be when they return they're trained in the art of warfare but they're all to radicalized as well and then they want to then continues up credit causation they want to bring more people on board and then perhaps their looks to try to. resolve some of the gripes they have here that's blowback the u.k. has already seen from another conflict here in london on the seventh of july two thousand and five libya official reports into the seven seventh's bombings revealed the existence of rumors that two house of the flow of us had been to afghanistan to so-called violent jihad back in the u.k.
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mohammed sidique khan and she's a town with together killed fourteen people in combined suicide attack specific seven bombers were only vaguely known to the authorities and that could be the case for fighters returning from syria too it's all very well to notify the u.k. borders agency but in reality there's. very little they can do people that may leave here to fight in syria will not go directly to syria they may stop in turkey or lebanon or arc so the government will not be able to really know the ultimate destination there's no real way of telling whether they're actually going to end up in syria there is no way to know. who when they're into syria who they'll be liaising with what the ideology is necessarily how the ologies and viewpoints point change in syria these are the scenes that could greet them on their return and see islamist organization the english defense league is unlikely to take further
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radicalization of british muslims lying down creating more bad feeling and deeper fissures in an already divided society full western whose british freedom party is allied to the e.t.l. says militant groups are preparing for a confrontation we're going to get further and further into this horrible situation of them and us and them and us and then you have small scale violence that starts and it's the tit for tat and that's why. you know i think we truly entering into a religious civil war scenario so far the government's given the syrian opposition eight million dollars for non-lethal equipment including communications but ordinary britons could find themselves paying the far higher price of unrest and insecurity at home for the support for the syrian opposition laura smith r.t. . you can follow this and many other stories on our website r.t.
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dot com and here's a glimpse of what else is online right now elements awakening a volcanic eruption in nicaragua. more than five kilometers into the air find out how many people safety is in danger on our web site. at an ink drawing of the manhattan skyline becomes an overnight sensation on the internet head online to find out how long it took the artist to finish his new your. macmaster. barack obama's captivating showing at the democratic national convention this week appears to be paying off new polls give him an edge over republican rival mitt romney but only by the slimmest of margins with a little more than two months to go until the presidential vote both candidates are working overtime to shine the other the artes marina porton i reports that could be a challenge. in two thousand and eight the rock obama turned us politics into
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something of a pop culture phenomenon we made and one of those defining moments a moment when our nation is at war or economy is in turmoil the democratic presidential candidate accepted his pick
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kerry campaigns have contributed to. tiene trillion dollars this week while obama's america is running on empty critics say wall street continues to play largely by the same rules that led to the global financial crisis there hasn't been regulation of the banks in a sufficient way and that the main crisis affecting the united states which is to say the financial clutch on the global economy and the corporate stranglehold on the political system hasn't changed at all because president obama comes from the coalition that led to that in the first place since obama has stepped into the white house america has seen an unprecedented rise in grassroots movements like the tea party and occupy wall street you know both very different one thing uniting
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them is the claim that the people of america are being ignored by their own government the two major us political parties have historically gone to great lengths and have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to highlight their differences yet following obama's first term in office the biggest change may be that more voters are likely to see a democrat and a republican as two sides of the same coin merino port ny r.t. new york turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe a spate of attacks as a thirteen iraqi cities killing at least one hundred a car bomb targeted police recruits lining up for a job at an oil company's office in the northern city of kirkuk outside baghdad ten soldiers were killed in the dawn ambush and other bombings happened in the cities from the southern port of basra to the northwest syrian border no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks. meanwhile iraq's vice president has been
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sentenced in absentia to death after a court ruled he was guilty of masterminding the killings of the country's security forces and shias. and he was not in court though if he had fled to turkey when the charges emerged him against him in december the case sparked a political crisis in iraq with other sunni politicians branding the prime minister who issued the warrant. hashmi dictate. a peaceful march in chile's capital to memorialize victims of the military dictatorship of general pinochet has ended with violence and a number of arrests dozens of mass protesters barricaded the area surrounding science goes general cemetery blocking streets and clashing with police officers responded with tear gas and water cannons no injuries have been reported. eighty police officers were injured during clashes at a kurdish cultural festival in south west germany then arrest started after a teenager tried to get into the event with a band flag and police used pepper spray as they were told to with stones and bottles of water the clashes last for about two hours and ended with thirty one
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people arrested. and in a few moments russia's president vladimir putin tells r.t. where he sees russia's future headed but first a recap of the headlines stick with us.
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